The committee

Addendum to the French/UK (IN2P3/EPSRC)
General Agreement in Nuclear Physics (April 1997)

The LMC will be fully responsible for the management of the loan and maintainance of the GLP resources in the light of IN2P3-EPSRC scientific policy. In particular, the committee will request the community at six monthly intervals to submit requests for the exploitation of any available detectors under its control.

The LMC will assign these resources to experimental collaborations with a strong UK and/or French-led participation, based on the scientific merits of the requests. In the case of a loan corresponding to a programme at an accelerator facility, the request will need to have the support of the host laboratory.

In all cases the collaboration requesting the loan and/or the host laboratory will be responsible for all transport and running costs (retreatment of detectors, etc.) as well as ensuring the equipement is in good working order at the end of the loan period.

Members :

Name/e-mail First Name Laboratory Function
Curien Dominique IPHC Member
Freeman Sean Univ. Manchester Chairman
Korichi Amel CSNSM Member
Nolan Paul Univ. Liverpool Member
Simpson John Daresbury Lab. Member
Verney David IPN Orsay Member / homebase
Wadsworth Robert Univ. York Member