April 9th, 2019: 4 detectors leave the workshop to measure beam isomeric ratio on Spiral1

Four HPGe from the Loan Pool are installed in an experiment measuring the isospin symmetry breaking in the nucleus N=Z=19, 38K at GANIL (Caen, France). This radioactive nucleus is delivered by SPIRAL1. The method for the measurement relies on Coulomb excitation to populate the 2+, T=0 and 2+, T=1 states . The gamma decay of these excited states, detected by 12 EXOGAM clovers in coincidence with a strip silicon detector (DSSD 160 channels), must be measured along with the isomeric ratio to continuously determine the proportion of the beam that is in its isomeric state and in its fundamental state. The four coaxial HPGe from the Loan Pool, associated with a plastic detector are used to measure this isomeric ratio.

Contact: Gilles Defrance, GANIL, France

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